Untitled Conference


Creative people can see things differently. We focus in on things and frame things in a different way.

The Project

The Untitled conference was an event created and hosted by Ravensbourne University and the Advertising & Brand Design course. It was supported by Lecture in progress. Students had to create a name, visual identity and an awareness raising strategy. Although we didn't win the pitch, we were on the shortlist selected by Lecture In Progress.


The conference was designed to celebrate the diversity of career options within the creative industries and provide insight into how young people might put themselves in a position to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in this area.

On the day, I was also part of the crew that interviewed all of the speakers after they had come off stage. The speakers included, Mills, Liv Sidall, Ellen Ling to name a few.


Brand Identity, Motion Design, Interviews

Core Team:

Adila Nasrin, Megan Pearce Wright, Anne Maiwald


Lecture In Progress

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