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Adidas Hockey Club


Hockey can have a 'team mentality'. Wouldn't it be great if girls could just turn up and play hockey.

The Project

Adidas' challenge was to ‘change the lives of young female athletes in adidas’ key cities. Build them a future in their city’s pitches, fields and courts of play’. I researched a lot into women’s sport and participation, as well as using my own knowledge as someone who has played different sports from a young age, deciding to focus on hockey.


There are fewer opportunities as you get older. When at school you are surrounded by clubs, but when you leave opportunities aren’t as easy to find.


The Adidas Hockey Club is an easy and accessible way for young female athletes to discover opportunities to play hockey near them. It will promote lots of different ways to play hockey, from clubs and teams, to open events and friendly matches, as well as hosting its own events. 


At its own events, there will be no dress code, no need to bring anything. Just turn up and play. Throughout the events there will be games, matches and tournaments. Tournaments will be smaller, made of 2v2 matches played on smaller pitches with small goals, with each half being 10 minutes long. 

Submitted to D&AD New Blood 2019


Creative, designer


D&AD New Blood

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